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Cultural Exchange - Crafting with Marga

  • Thursday, February 11, 2021
  • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Zoom


Registration is closed

Please join Marga for a craft project. First, she will give us instructions on how to make a felt heart. Then, we will each have an opportunity to make our own. You will need to purchase the following three items in a store (Michaels or other craft store) or online (Michaels, Etsy, Amazon, etc.) to make a felt heart:

1. Heart or other shaped cookie cutter https://www.michaels.com/assorted-valentines-day-heart-cookie-cutter-by-celebrate-it/10650489.html.

2. Felting needles with foam block. Here is one option available at Michaels: Dimensions® Feltworks® Felting Needles and Foam Block https://www.michaels.com/dimensions-feltworks-felting-needles-and-foam-block/10187362.html?productsource=PLPRV

3. Wool roving in red or color of choice. Here is an option available at Michaels with multiple colors: Dimensions® Needle Felting Wool Rovings, Rainbow https://www.michaels.com/dimensions-needle-felting-wool-rovings-rainbow/10510091.html. Different color options are available at Etsy, Amazon, etc.

If you are unable to get the supplies in advance, you are welcome to join and learn how to do it.

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