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Event Planning

Planning an event or visit to invite members of the IWCB? It is easy, contact any Executive Committee member and she will help you set it up.

To avoid date conflicts, please check the current calendar. 

Event Publication: Allow 3 – 5 business days for the event to be added to the website calendar. 

Below is a list of points pertaining to events, not all of them apply.

  1. Event Title:
  2. Date:
  3. Time: from … to …
  4. Venue address
  5. Description of the event
  6. Contact Information:
    • Organizer
    • Host
  7. Cost
    • amount to pay 
    • payment at the venue or to IWCB
    • check or cash
    • if check: name on check, and address to send the check
  8. Attendees:
    • maximum number - default: open registration
    • registration open date - default: as soon as it is on the calendar
    • registration close date
  9. Allow guests
    • how many per member - default 1 guest
  10. Allow Cancellation - default yes, until one day before the event
  11. Email scheduling
    • Announcement 1 - default 1 week before the event
    • Announcement 2
    • Reminder to those registered - default 1 day before the event
NOTE: when the limit of attendees is reached, member can still register for the waitlist.

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