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IWCB By-Laws

Revised June 2015   


The name of the organization shall be “The International Women’s Club of Boston” (IWCB).


The International Women’s Club of Boston (IWCB) is a social organization for women based in Boston. We offer all our members  (international and Americans) a space to meet new people, share experiences and learn about different cultures, lifestyles and traditions.


The IWCB is open to all women residents of the Greater Boston area, either foreign-born or American-born, with an interest in promoting mutual understanding and cultural exchange.

Members are required to attend at least two events in any membership year and are encouraged to contribute ideas and their time towards arranging events.

No member shall use the Club for commercial purposes or financial gain.


Annual dues are $30. The membership year runs from June to May. Prospective members are welcome to two months’ access to public events before joining.


The Executive Committee of the IWCB shall comprise:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Communications Officer
  • Recording Secretary
  • Membership Officer
  • Past President (Optional)
  • one to three active members-at-large (Optional)

Members of the Board are elected for two-year renewable terms at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

In the event of a vacancy of an officer on the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee will appoint a club member to fill the position until the end of said officer’s term. 


The President shall:

  • The President shall strategize on maintaining and promoting the mission of the IWCB.
  • Organize meetings as needed including preparation of agendas
  • Be authorized as a signatory for the IWCB bank account and handle all financial matters in the absence of the Treasurer

Vice President:

The Vice-President shall:
  • Deputize for the President in her absence
  • Assist the President as needed


The Treasurer shall:

  • Be responsible for the safe keeping of IWCB funds
  • Keep a correct account of all money received and paid out, and provide a financial report to the Executive Committee at each meeting
  • Keep a correct account of all money received and paid out by her, and report to the Executive Committee at each meeting
  • Work with the President to prepare the annual budget for the upcoming year

Communications Officer

The Communications Officer shall:

  • Assure that all communications flow accurately on a timely basis and are reflective of the intent and ideal of the Club

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary shall:

  • Keep the minutes at Executive Committee meetings and general club meetings and maintain a record log of minutes and the by-laws

Membership Officer

The Membership Officer shall:

  • Provide data about members and club growth and promote the recruitment and retention of members

Past President

The Past President shall:

  • Provide continuity to the Executive Committee
  • Support the President and Executive Committee as needed

The Executive Committee shall keep a current list of all committees and duties as well as the chair and members of each committee. 


Committees shall be created as needed by presenting a proposal to the President of the committee’s purpose and relevancy to the club. The President will review with the Executive Committee and together approve or reject the proposal.

Committee chairs shall send a brief overview of the previous year’s activities to the President two weeks before the Annual General Meeting, to be shared with the Executive Committee and subsequently, in its essentials, with all the members of the IWCB.

There shall be an Annual General Meeting in June during which:
  • There will be a general discussion about the Club and its future directions
  • The budget will be presented
  • and if necessary by-laws will be amended.

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